As you may already know, Lydiane St-Onge (Lydiane Autour du Monde) has recently become SecuriGlobe’s ambassador. We would therefore like to introduce her to you:

Since 2013, Lydiane is living one of her greatest dreams: to explore the planet in order to better herself, both on a physical as well as a psychological level. Being a passionate person, this lifestyle allows her to discover new horizons, to learn from different cultures, but also to face her fears and push back her limits.

Quickly, the adventures of “Lydiane Autour du Monde”, who describes herself as a “born nomadic”, and for whom the planet is a vast playground, have attracted the attention of over 85,000 people on her Facebook and Instagram pages. On there, Lydiane describes, in a rigorous and lighthearted way, her experiences, likes, moods, etc..., thus allowing many people to travel “through her”, to be inspired, and to see the world differently. Her photos are breathtaking!

With her own television programme, her chronicles, and her numerous appearances in the media, Lydiane is without a doubt a reference as far as traveling is concerned. Furthermore, she represents and conveys SecuriGlobe’s values very well!

You can follow her on her Facebook page and consult her website.

Short word from Lydiane regarding us

One day, I cut my finger while cooking. I then called my insurance broker, SecuriGlobe, who guided me and gave me the information that I needed in record time. Everything returned to normal and since, my little finger is doing marvelously.

This adventure, which seemed dull at the start, allowed SecuriGlobe to discover me and this was the starting point of what made me become their very first ambassador!! This is how I found myself proudly representing SecuriGlobe, in which I already had complete trust for the last six years.

I’ve looked and looked; it’s always with them that I got the best price! They compare for us all the travel insurance products of many insurers and find which works out best for our type of trip and this, at the best possible price. And I can say that their service is impeccable before, during, and after the sale, which, for me, is very important!

I visited SecuriGlobe’s offices recently. The employees, all quite pleasing, were presented to me one by one and I discovered with great joy that many of them follow my travels and love my photos! All that to say how much I’m proud to be their ambassador and up to which point I recommend their expertise and their kindness. I know I am in good hands in this huge adventure around the world!

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