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Basic health insurance includes vision care, therapist care and other care such as ambulance transportation, for example. More information.
This insurance is used to cover some or all of the fees for prescription drugs that the provincial plan will not cover. More information.
This insurance is an addition to a basic health insurance plan and includes several care such as periodic cleansing and caries treatment. More information.
This insurance is used to cover a portion of the costs that provincial plans do not cover at the health, drug and dental level. More information.
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You answered no to question “Are you currently covered under a provincial health care plan?”

These insurance policies are for Canadian citizens who are covered by a provincial health insurance plan and who want supplementary health insurance in Canada.

You are welcome to look at each of the following sections if you need more information about other medical insurance plans:

Health Insurance

Health insurance Price

What is private health insurance?

In Canada, private health insurance is used to supplement provincial health plans to cover medical fees which are not usually covered. It will allow you to cover the following for yourself and your family: fees for psychological consultations, blood samples taken in a private laboratory, fees for a private/semi-private hospital room, eye-care or dental fees which are almost never covered by provincial health insurance plans. However, a personal health insurance plan will allow you to cover these expenses for both you and your family.

Who is it for?

If you have provincial coverage but aren’t covered by a group plan, this product is ideal for you. In some provinces, you may even be able to replace your group plan with a private plan.

Examples of specific situations

  • Employees in a company which does not offer a group insurance plan
  • Self-employed
  • Retired and pre-retired

Coverage offered

4 types of coverage plans are offered.

Note that in all cases, a basic personal health plan is a pre-requisite to obtain additional coverage such as drug or dental care. These benefits are add-ons to basic coverage.

Please consult our pages in this section to find out more about what is included in each coverage plan.

What does it cover?

The insurance policy coverage will vary per insurer according to the coverage you requested. The following table will help you identify what type of coverage these plans include.

Health insurance plan comparison

Note that we can propose a policy based on your needs and your budget.

The advantage of choosing SecuriGlobe

Considering we are an insurance broker, we compare the products and pricing from many reputable insurers to find the best option for you.

GHIP vs health insurance

Generally, if you are a Canadian citizen, you are covered by a provincial health plan (GHIP). Whether for cancer, flu or any other illness, you can visit a hospital and consult a doctor by simply showing your Medicare card. This being said, some treatments and services are not covered; you will, therefore, need to pay these somewhat expensive fees.

The role of a private family or personal health coverage is to offer supplementary insurance to cover fees that are ineligible from your provincial or group coverage. i.e.: fees for purchasing eyeglasses are only covered by a private health insurance plan.

Good to know:
If you are not covered by a health plan in Canada or you are looking for coverage in another country, SecuriGlobe offers a wide variety of coverages for Canada and elsewhere.

These plans are for Canadian citizens who are covered by a provincial health coverage and who want supplementary health coverage in Canada.

You are welcome to look at each of the following sections if you need more information about other plans:

*Prices may vary based on health, age, province of residence, and chosen coverage. The insurer reserves the right to change the product's prices at any time without further notice.