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Basic health insurance includes vision care, therapist care and other care such as ambulance transportation, for example. More information.
This insurance is used to cover some or all of the fees for prescription drugs that the provincial plan will not cover. More information.
This insurance is an addition to a basic health insurance plan and includes several care such as periodic cleansing and caries treatment. More information.
This insurance is used to cover a portion of the costs that provincial plans do not cover at the health, drug and dental level. More information.
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You answered no to question “Are you currently covered under a provincial health care plan?”

These insurance policies are for Canadian citizens who are covered by a provincial health insurance plan and who want supplementary health insurance in Canada.

You are welcome to look at each of the following sections if you need more information about other medical insurance plans:

Complete health insurance (well-being, drugs and dental)

Complete Health insurance Price

With complete health insurance, you can sleep in peace. This insurance includes basic health insurance, drug insurance as well as dental insurance which will take care of fees that the provincial health care coverage won't cover.

With this all-inclusive insurance, you won't need to worry about unexpected events.

The usefulness of the complete health insurance

These plans are used to cover fees that provincial plans don't cover for health, drugs and dental treatments. Here are the details of what the insurance covers.

Health insurance part

  • Glasses
  • Therapist services like psychologist, massage therapist, chiropractor and others
  • Ambulance transfer
  • Hearing care
  • Laboratory tests
  • Private or semi-private room at the hospital

Dental insurance part

  • Dentist tests
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Cavity (tooth decay) care and treatment
  • Dental scaling

Prescription drugs insurance part

The part not covered by the provincial insurance plan can be claimed according to certain criteria. You must, therefore, have access to the provincial plan to be eligible.

In every case, the annual amount and the percentage of the refund will depend on the insurance policy. We recommend you visit the insurance pages for more details.

Also, you're welcome to visit the various types of coverage pages to learn more about them.

Conversion plan - The solution if you lose your group insurance

Have you lost or will not be covered any longer by your group plan? With Securiglobe, we offer some health insurance conversion plans similar to the one you already have which could make you avoid all unpleasant and sudden surprises. This conversion plan will provide coverage for all health, drug and dental fees. This plan is for people who plan on retiring, who wish to become self-employed or who simply want to quit their job.

Since no medical question is asked, you are automatically covered for all future medical conditions. The only requirement is to take a conversion plan within the first 60 days following expiry of your group insurance.

Don't wait too long to request a quote from us for this plan.

The cost of complete health insurance

The cost for a health insurance policy will depend on the type of coverage, the age, the province of residence and the policy that will be chosen.

Since we are a broker and not an insurance company, we are able to offer you a large variety of health insurance products with a wide price range.

However, our biggest value without a doubt is the customer service we offer. Our representatives know their products and will take the necessary time to assess your needs at no charge. They will find the best product at the best price for you.

Call us for more details. Our representatives will be glad to answer any of your questions.

These plans are for Canadian citizens who are covered by a provincial health coverage and who want supplementary health coverage in Canada.

You are welcome to look at each of the following sections if you need more information about other plans:

*Prices may vary based on health, age, province of residence, and chosen coverage. The insurer reserves the right to change the product's prices at any time without further notice.