Special Risk Travel Insurance

Working or traveling in a dangerous part of the world, or engaged in dangerous or professional sports, regular travel or health insurance will most likely not provide the proper coverage that you need. We offer tailor-made coverage for any type of travelers, or any workers (including journalist, aid workers, etc) whose insurance needs are not covered under regular travel insurance products.


We offer benefits to various groups and individuals. There may be situations where a company may or may not have expatriates in other countries, but it does have employees, who travel frequently, sometimes to areas where there is civil unrest or war risk. Under most Domestic Insurance policies there are exclusions related to War (declared or undeclared), Riot, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, etc. We can help you find policies to mirror and compliment the Domestic policy closely. We provide coverage for the War Risk and thus eliminating this potential liability.


Travel Accident Insurance with High Coverage Amount is designed to provide additional coverage in the event of accidental death or dismemberment while traveling abroad. International insurance coverage can be provided for common carrier (air flight, bus, etc.), air flight only or 24-hour coverage [1]. High Coverage Travel Accident Insurance can also optionally cover risks due to war, terrorism and nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

Travel accident insurance is available for a single trip or as an annual multi-trip plan.

Plan Features:

  • Up to several million sum insured
  • Choose Air Travel Only, Common Carrier, or 24 Hour Coverage
  • Optional War & Terrorism Coverage
  • Optional Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Detonation Coverage

Our High Limit Travel Accident Insurance can be purchased annually or to cover a specific date range. It is available to both individuals and groups. A large number of our clients purchase this coverage as a benefit for key employees traveling overseas.

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