Multi-Trip Annual Travel Insurance

Do you travel several times a year? Multi-trip annual travel insurance is designed with you in mind. By taking out insurance covering several trips over the same year, you can avoid having to purchase an insurance policy for each trip. You’ll be saving both time and money.

How it works

When you purchase multi-trip insurance, you need to provide only the dates of your first trip and the maximum number of days you want to cover for a single trip. Knowing the duration of the longest trip you plan to take over the course of the year is important. You will be insured for an unlimited number of trips, as long as they don’t last longer than the maximum you’ve chosen.

For example, if you opt for an eight-day multi-trip travel insurance policy, you can make as many trips during the year as you want, as long as they are eight days or shorter.


This insurance, like emergency medical insurance, protects you against medical emergencies when you travel. The only difference is that your annual protection means you can travel multiple times in a single year. In both cases, you will be covered for any urgent health problems that strike while abroad.

Covered costs include:

  • Hospitalization fees
  • Medical care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Emergency dental care
  • Ambulance
  • Emergency repatriation
  • 24/7 emergency assistance, and many other guarantees

What happens if my trip is longer than the number of days covered by my policy?

Do you expect to spend a longer time abroad than your policy covers? Don’t worry. In general, it’s easy to add a certain number of days to your insurance policy. To add days to your annual policy, speak with one of our agents.

Who this policy is for

By offering more flexibility than a conventional travel insurance policy, multi-trip insurance can meet the needs of certain travellers, who:

  • Don’t know their destination;
  • Don’t know when they leave;
  • Regularly visit the US or another country for a quick jaunt (shopping, sports, and other activities);
  • Plan to make more than one trip for an all-inclusive destination during the year (Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic);
  • Enjoy leaving at the last minute;
  • Live close to other countries or provinces and regularly cross the border.

Multi-trip insurance for Canadians travelling to other provinces

Travellers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of travel insurance when they leave Canada. However, many Canadians don’t realize the importance of coverage when they visit another province. While healthcare in another province is covered, many other fees, such as medical prescriptions, ambulance transportation, and emergency dental care, are not.

If you leave your province, don’t take chances: Purchase travel insurance.

Some insurers even offer an annual insurance policy that will cover you for an unlimited number of days in Canada.

All-inclusive multi-trip travel insurance

Do you want multi-trip travel insurance, but also more complete coverage? We offer all-inclusive annual insurance, which, in addition to covering medical emergencies, also includes trip cancellation coverage and luggage insurance. You can therefore benefit from complete protection for yourself, your property, and your financial investment.

Read our page about all-inclusive travel insurance to learn more.

Take advantage of the flexibility and savings offered by multi-trip insurance. By comparing quotes from several insurance providers, we can help you find the right insurance for your needs.

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