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Travel Insurance Gone Wild

Just when you think you've heard it all, Travel Insurance came to the rescue of travelers in some of the most bizarre circumstances. It's SecuriGlobe's job to tell you all the possible things that could happen to you on your vacation, which should encourage you to purchase well-needed Travel Insurance. But sometimes, not even we can predict what “could” happen to you while traveling.

Here's an example from one of our competitors: While traveling for business in Asia, a man required an emergency appendectomy. After the operation, he was waiting for a ride when a tree limb fell over and struck him, causing him to be readmitted. When he was discharged again, he ended up in a taxi accident. Good thing he had travel insurance!

Most times claims aren't that extreme, but at any rate Travel Insurance is key to planning a trip, especially overseas.

Travel Insurance Becoming More Attractive

Travel insurance is becoming more of an attractive idea because the cost of travel is increasing and the risks are becoming greater. Having to cancel a nonrefundable trip to attend a funeral or needing to be airlifted due to an accident could be a very expensive nightmare.

If you're traveling outside the country, emergency medical and evacuation coverage is probably a good idea. It could be a $2,000 ambulance trip or it could be a $150,000 (medical) flight from China to the United States. The industry has become more competitive in recent years as more companies join and create alliances to add more benefits to policies.

Trust Us - You Need Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance is just as important to pack on your summer get away as your outfits and beach gear. There are a number of unexpected emergencies that can occur and they can become a serious financial consideration due to transportation and medical costs.

Medical Travel Insurance is designed to protect travelers from the costs of unforeseen illnesses and accidents, medical translation help, long-term hospitalization if you're unable to fly home, out-of-pocket costs and emergency family transportation. Airlines, hotels or cruise lines sell policies, but if you're looking for the most efficient protection, buy your Medical Travel Insurance from a reputable source such as