Like every year, SecuriGlobe would like to thank you for your fidelity and continues its primary mission of offering travel insurance that best suits your needs at the best price. With one call, you can compare offers from several reputable insurers.

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For over 15 years, SecuriGlobe has been listening to your comments (and suggestions), allowing us to innovate and offer exclusive products that fit your needs. For example, this year some travel insurance products will cover “relapses” of medical conditions previously treated during the same trip while others will provide you with a stability option without changing the coverage amount provided by the option! Contact us now to learn more about these valuable options. A certified and experienced agent will be glad to answer all of your questions!

With SecuriGlobe it’s simple, fast, and hassle free

By calling SecuriGlobe now, you will enjoy our many discounts while taking advantage of the deposit option to avoid a prospective increase in rates. In addition, you will be able to make date changes or other changes without administrative fees and your deposit is 100% refundable! Our agents will also inform you of the many options available to you concerning the types of deductibles, multi-trip annual plans and more. With SecuriGlobe, the largest travel insurance distributor to Canada, you get the flexibility you need and guaranteed peace of mind. SecuriGlobe is often imitated but never equalled!


Early bird discount*

Save by purchasing your insurance now. Hurry, this discount is available for a limited time only.

Fidelity discount*

Already a client with us? Get a fidelity discount.

Travel companion discount*

Travel with the same insurer so your companion and yourself can take advantage of this discount.

Association discount*

Are you a member of an association recognized by SecuriGlobe? Receive a discount. Want your association to benefit from our services? Talk to one of ourexperienced representatives.


Save even more by opting for one of our types of deductibles.**

Save up to 12.5% on your travel insurance.

*These discounts are available with certain insurers for a limited time only. **Standard deductibles, Hospital deductibles, and Vanishing deductibles.


Up to $10 million in travel insurance coverage*

Medical expenses at travel destinations are becoming more and more expensive. Get the coverage that best suits your needs.

Largest variety of deductibles

Opt for a Hospital, Standard, or Vanishing deductible. This will help you save more.

No administrative fees or fees for changing travel dates while keeping the same number of days

No fees or questions for cancelling your insurance prior to your trip thanks to our refund policy.

Widest range of choices for multi-trip annual plan

Options for yearly plans range from four to 180 days per trip.

Deposit option

Zero administrative fees, and a solution that fits your needs in accordance with your budget.

$25,000 coverage for accidental death*

Additional coverage at no extra cost.

Advantageous stability options*

These options allow you to purchase coverage for non-stable medical conditions for the duration of your trip. They can reduce the stability requirements for certain conditions to a period of 7 days.

Emergency roundtrip*

Coverage for your transportation fees to return home following a specified emergency

Complementary coverage on your existing plan**

Do you already have coverage through your group insurance-plan or credit card that covers you for a specific number of days? You can cover your whole trip by purchasing coverage for only the extra days you need.

**This offer is only available on certain products. **If necessary, you will need to pay only the extra premium. (Any condition treated during the initial period of coverage will be automatically excluded as of the first day of the coverage extension. The insurer reserves the right to accept or refuse the extension of coverage, as it is case by case. Extensions cannot be given if the policy has already expired.)