26 June 2023

5 tips to make your travel insurance shopping easier

Article written by: Bianca Cloutier-Lamoureux

No matter your destination, going abroad requires a certain level of planning to ensure your peace of mind while traveling. For many, travel insurance can seem like a complex task. With the help of experts, it is possible to make your experience more pleasant. Here are five must-have tips to help you prepare before your search for travel insurance begins.


Up-to-date health check

During the medical questionnaire, most insurers require a health check carried out between the last 12 to 24 months. Ideally, if your health check is within the last 12 months, your rate will be reduced. Some insurers add a surcharge if your balance sheet is dated beyond 18 months. The health check is not only an essential step before leaving on a trip to ensure that your state of health is stable, but also to know your medical conditions well. In addition, it will save you money!


Medical conditions and treatments

Be aware that when you get a travel insurance quote, a medical questionnaire is required to find out about your medical conditions. Your insurance representative cannot associate a drug with a medical condition or give a diagnosis. It is therefore necessary to know which treatment is associated to which medical condition. If uncertain, contact your family doctor to avoid an incomplete declaration.


Medication list

To follow up on medical conditions, it is always recommended to have your medication list up to date. For your medical conditions to be covered while travelling, it is essential to know the date you started your first treatment, for each medication or treatment prescribed. In the event of discontinuation, change in dosage or frequency of a treatment, it is necessary to know the date of discontinuation or change and notify your certified representative. In addition, if you are awaiting consultation, treatment or surgery, certain conditions may be excluded. In case of uncertainty, we recommend that you contact your family doctor.


Plan your trip

Before getting a price comparison, it is necessary to know your approximate travel dates and your destination. If you are planning more than two trips this year, just know that we offer annual plans offering the possibility of covering several trips without having to pay any other costs. The number of days allocated is determined according to your needs. If your annual plan allows you to take multiple 17-day trips at once, no further fees are charged. However, if one of your trips exceeds 17 days, you can add additional days at your expense.




Are you traveling alone or are you going on an accompanied trip? If you wish to obtain a travel insurance quote for your companion or a member of your family, be aware that it is necessary to obtain verbal consent in order for you to proceed. The medical questionnaire can sometimes be a complex part if one does not know enough about the health condition of the person concerned. Thus, we recommend being present with the person who accompanies you at the time of the call or during your online quote if you wish to obtain a quote together.


To obtain a price comparison for travel insurance from one of our certified representatives, please contact us at 1-888-211-4444.


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When should I purchase it?

We strongly recommend that you purchase coverage before departure. Although some of our insurers will cover you if you are already on your trip, they may exclude any pre-existing medical conditions, limit the amount payable on your policy or impose a large deductible.