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Our Travel Insurance Products

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

Protect your health when you travel outside your province. Read More.

Medical Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

Taking the winter off? Don't forget to insure yourself. Read More.

Multi-Trip Insurance

Travel Insurance that lasts for one full year. Read More.

Canadian Supervisa

For the long-term visitors to
Canada. Read More.

Student Travel Insurance

Protect your child student while in Canada. Read More.

Sport Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for the sportsman or adventurer. Read More.

Trip Cancellation

Protect your travel investment from trip cancellations and interruptions. Read More.

All-Inclusive Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance coverage. Read More.

Visitor to Canada

Short term coverage for Canadian visitors. Read More.


Protect yourself if you work or live abroad. Read More.

Accident Insurance

Be ready in the event you get injured while traveling. Read More.

Special Risk Travel Insurance

Be ready for anything while traveling. Read More.

Travel Insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers people while traveling. Coverages may include emergency medical care, trip cancellation and trip interruption, baggage loss and theft, and much more. In a lot of cases, we think our health insurance, credit cards or retirement packages protect us while we travel. Sadly, these things do not always provide any or enough coverage to recuperate your losses in case it becomes necessary.

Stay safe, stay secure, and always stay protected with Travel Insurance from SecuriGlobe.

Too many people leave on vacation thinking that nothing serious can happen. Sadly, that long-anticipated trip can suddenly not happen or turn into a nightmare. A divorce, job loss, serious illness, or even the death of a loved one could suddenly interrupt your travel plans. What would happen if your airline or cruise line went bankrupt? What would you do if your passport and wallet were stolen during your trip? What about cancelled flights, missed connections, lost luggage and acts of terrorism? And what if you suddenly get sick at destination?

That's why it is important to secure travel protection that covers financial losses related to non-refundable expenses such as advances and amounts prepaid for ticket purchases. Travel protection covers the risk of financial loss related to emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling.

SecuriGlobe is Canada's leading provider of Travel Insurance for one simple reason. Service. Our amazing staff works with you to identify your needs, then compares 14 insurers to bring you the best policies at the best rates. In addition, our after-the-sale support is second to none.

At SecuriGlobe, you're guaranteed a great experience that will keep you coming back every year!

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