Our partners

We compare 11 insurers to insure we our offering you the best products at the best prices.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross travel insurance is the most recognized by informed travellers. Thanks to its agreements with international medical networks, including Blue Cross Shield network in the United States, Blue Cross guarantees direct access to the best medical resources available abroad. Exclusive to Blue Cross, the medical follow-up in Canada benefit extends coverage by 15 days if a traveler hospitalised abroad is repatriated to the country by Blue Cross; home care, medical supplies and transportation costs are covered.


Today, Manulife Financial offers a diverse range of financial protections products and wealth management services to millions of customers in 19 countries and territories. Thanks to its financial strength, it is able to offer its customers unparalleled service and products. Financial security. Wide range of guarantees. Competitive premiums. Simple processes. Clear documents. Courteous and attentive service. That’s what Manulife Financial offers you!

Green Shield Canada

As the only non-profit corporation in the country specializing in health and dental benefits, Green Shield Canada’s mission is to improve the health of society. We seek to create innovative solutions that help people stay healthier. Our coast-to-coast benefits include drug, dental, extended health care, vision care, hospital and travel benefits. Through cost management strategies, advanced technology and exceptional customer service, we manage personalised plans for more than one million plan members nationwide. greenshield.ca

Humania (Tour+Med, LS Mutual)

Founded in 1996, Tour+Med also offers its products and services to Canadians travelling around the world. Backed by many years of experience, our personalized approach to underwriting meets the needs of baby boomers and individuals whose age or medical history excluded them from the risks covered by other insurers. Despite this, our rejection rate is still among the lowest in the industry.

In 2008, wishing to ensure our long-term growth, we joined a new insurance partner in La Survivance, a mutual company. It was then celebrating its 70th anniversary. La Survivance, which insures more than 200,000 customers, develops and offers individual and group personal insurance products. This makes it one of the largest insurers in Eastern Canada.

Today, after more than a decade, the Tour+Med product line is now trusted by thousands of travellers. Our mission is to become a leader in health and travel insurance for Canadians traveling outside their province and to provide them with a superior product at a reasonable price.

La Capitale

Guided by the mutualist values that drive it, La Capitale has offered insurance and financial services for more than 70 years to ensure the economic well-being of its customers. La Capitale offers attentive service at all times, characterized by a bias in favor of the client and it is for this reason that the mutual has developed a simple and affordable travel insurance product.

Old Republic

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada and Reliable Life Insurance Company are sister companies located in Hamilton, Ontario. Together, they represent the Canadian operations of Old Republic International Corporation, which is on of the largest insurers in the United states. Combined, these two companies have been providing insurance solutions to Canadians since 1887 and, in particular, travel insurance solutions since 1978. Their associates recognize them for their expertise, flexibility and innovation and their policyholders recognize them in their own way to communicate and manage complaints. It is the service and professionalism that sets them apart from the competition and solidifies their reputation in the industry.


TU Group aims to ensure the long-term success of its member companies by prioritizing innovation and responsiveness in everything. Since 1964, our member companies have launched many new products and services and continue to hold a leading position in the travel insurance market. TU Group was created in 2003. However, our founding company was born much earlier, in 1964é Today, TuGo is one of the five leaders in the field of specialty insurance in Canada.

Our affiliation program

At SecuriGlobe, we have created the most comprehensive affiliate program in the travel insurance industry. SecuriGlobe’s affiliate program was designed from the ground up to maximize added value to customers while delivering the best income to broker in the field.

When should I get my insurance?

We strongly suggest purchasing coverage before departure. Even if some of our insurers agree to cover a trip that has already started, they could exclude any pre-existing medical condition, limit the amounts payable under your policy or impose a high deductible or co-insurance.