All-inclusive travel insurance

Basically, three types of travel insurance coverage exist: medical insurance, cancellation/interruption insurance, and luggage insurance. The first covers your health in case of an emergency or accident, the second covers your financial investment, and the last covers your personal belongings.

Although you can choose between these protections individually, we recommend complete coverage or all-inclusive coverage for most travelers. This type of insurance includes all three types of coverage, meaning you can travel peacefully with the knowledge that you are fully protected.

Take a look at what each portion of this insurance covers in detail.


Regardless of where on the globe you’re headed, medical fees are always much higher than what your provincial health plan covers. For example, it can cost you up to $10,000 per day for hospitalization in the US, and your provincial health plan will only reimburse you for about $100 of that total. Without travel insurance, you will be responsible for the difference. Unfortunately, many travelers return from vacation with enormous debt. By purchasing travel insurance before leaving, you are protecting yourself from debt.

The medical portion of all-inclusive insurance will reimburse medical fees incurred due to a medical emergency.

Depending on the situation, the following fees may be reimbursed:

  • Medical care
  • Hospitalization
  • Diagnostic services (e.g., lab tests)
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Private nurse
  • Paramedic care
  • Emergency dental care
  • Medical appliances (e.g., cast, crutches, body braces, wheelchairs)
  • Emergency transportation
  • Transportation to the bedside of another person
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Dependent care expenses
  • Accessory fees billed by a hospital (e.g., television, internet, telephone)
  • Child care and return
  • Travel companion and domestic animals return
  • Vehicle return

Since this insurance is not health insurance, but emergency medical coverage, you will be insured for emergencies only. If you have a pre-existing condition, a period of stability may be required.

Contact us if you currently have, or have previously experienced, any health problems. We can help you find a travel insurance policy that meets your needs from among our numerous customized products.

Tip :

With any travel insurance policy, it’s essential to inform the insurance provider as soon as possible, ideally before consulting a physician. In addition to approving your consultation and guiding you through the process, the insurance provider can offer a range of services that you may find highly useful in these circumstances.


The cancellation and interruption portion of all-inclusive insurance policies allows you to cancel or interrupt your trip if an unfortunate event occurs, thereby protecting your investment.

For example, the insurance provider can reimburse your plane tickets and booked excursions if you must cancel a part of, or your entire trip.

Important: Don’t forget to indicate in the online form or mention to an agent the total value of your trip. This total will establish the amount of your cancellation and interruption insurance coverage, so you gain nothing by indicating a higher cost than your trip. You can also, with the help of a certified agent, insure your deposit if the full amount has not been paid. Your insurance policy will only be affected by the deposit amount. However, you are responsible for contacting us for the re-adjustment of the insurable amount so that you can be fully covered. An adjustment of the insurance premium will be communicated to you according to the new sum insured in the contract.

Examples of insured risks:

  • Illness, injury, death of a travel companion or family member
  • Transport delay (weather, mechanical problem)
  • Loss or theft of passport
  • Involuntary cancellation
  • Extreme weather conditions or natural disaster
  • Government of Canada’s travel advisory to avoid a region you had planned to travel to
  • Loss of employment
  • Your residence or your travel companion has become uninhabitable


Theft or loss of property is never pleasant, but when travelling, the situation can be even more serious. Finding yourself at the other end of the world without your luggage can quickly transform your trip into a nightmare. By purchasing all-inclusive insurance, you can obtain coverage of your luggage and avoid these worries altogether.

In addition to covering loss, theft, and damage to your luggage, this protection also covers personal currency, luggage delays, and replacement fees for documents such as your passport.

Tip :

Many all-inclusive insurance policies cover a maximum of $250 per article. If you are travelling with objects of higher value, we recommend reading each policy carefully or contacting us.


Do you travel multiple times a year? Our all-inclusive annual insurance may be the best option for you. By covering up to 31 days per trip for a full year, you can save money and avoid having to buy a new policy for each trip.

Whether you want to cover one trip or a whole year, all-inclusive insurance will let you travel with peace of mind.

Apply online or call us. One of our certified agents will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Contact us if you currently have, or have previously experienced, any health problems. We can help you find a travel insurance policy that meets your needs from among our numerous customized products.

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