Group travel insurance

When planning a group trip, there are several things to take into consideration. After all, it is expected that a lot of effort must be dedicated to preparation to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

At SécuriGlobe, we can make your life easier! Call us and we will find the best travel insurance according to the particular needs of your group. Whether you’re travelling for a tournament, or planning a student trip or trip with an association, you will leave with peace of mind, knowing that you have the right insurance to cover your needs.


When three or more people part of a group or an association travel together, they can be considered a group. They therefore qualify for the benefits of group coverage.

Examples of groups :

  • Students
  • Workers
  • Sports team
  • Participants in an organized tour package
  • Group of musicians

Not sure if you can be considered a group? Don’t hesitate to call us.


Selecting a group travel insurance has many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Minimum premium shared between group members
  • Advantageous group prices
  • Ease of purchase because it’s a single policy.
  • The right insurance for everyone


As is the case with standard travel insurance policies, you have a wide range of choices.

  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Sports travel insurance
  • Special risk insurance
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance
  • Expatriate insurance


During the school year, students often take organized trips outside their province. These trips are a great opportunity for students to learn about the world in which we live.

However, no matter the destination, the age of the students, or the activities planned during the trip, there are always risks.

Examples of situations covered by travel insurance during a student trip:

  • A student is injured during a hiking activity
  • A tour leader contracts a virus
  • A student is unable to travel due to a death in their family
  • School equipment was stolen during the trip
  • Cancellation of an event which is the reason for the trip


Travel insurance is always essential. This is even more true for sports trips. Because the risk of injury is higher, the impact of sports equipment being stolen is more severe, and the cancellation of a tournament almost always results in the cancellation of the trip itself, travel insurance must be chosen carefully.

Did you know that some sports are not covered by conventional travel insurance? Indeed, some sports may require additional endorsements to be eligible for coverage.

Whether you are travelling as part of a sports team or taking any trip during which you intend to practice a sport, we encourage you to contact one of our agents, who will advise you on which coverage you need to be adequately protected.


We offer two types of plans suitable for workers: a group travel insurance and a collective travel insurance plan.

Travel insurance for groups of workers

If some workers must leave on one or several trips, it may be worthwhile to choose group travel insurance. You will be saving money while making sure that everyone is fully covered. In addition to medical, cancellation, and baggage coverage, coverage for expatriates and special risk insurance may be recommended.

Collective travel insurance plan

Unlike group insurance, which covers a few employees for an established period, collective travel insurance covers the employee and their family whenever they travel. This coverage is therefore a valuable addition to the benefits offered by the company.

Whether you choose a collective insurance plan, remember that you can always suggest this type of plan to your employees. As an insurance broker, SécuriGlobe’s job is to explore insurance plans offered by several insurers and to select the best plan for you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to obtain a free quote.

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