Personal information protection

We are committed to the privacy of your Personal Information

At SécuriGlobe, we know how vital it is to protect your Personal Information. Whether you contact us via e-mail, our Websites or in person, we wish to ensure that your experience is a secure one at all times. To this end, we have written this Privacy Policy, which explains our practices regarding the collecting, use and disclosure of your Personal Information.

This Policy is applicable to e-mail communications, our Websites and any other area where SécuriGlobe collects and uses your Personal Information.

Any reference to “Website” in this Privacy Policy refers to or any other Website provided by SécuriGlobe.

You may choose not to provide your Personal Information. Should it be the case, we may not be able to provide you with the products, services or information requested by you. For example, we cannot provide you with a SécuriGlobe Travel Insurance unless you have provided us with certain information.

Your consent is required

SécuriGlobe will not collect, use or disclose your Personal Information unless your consent is obtained, except as otherwise required or provided by law. When you choose to provide us with your Personal Information, you consent to our using your Personal Information, as stated in this Privacy Policy and as may be mentioned at the time such information is collected.

Express consent

You will sometimes be prompted to give your express consent, for instance by checking a box to indicate you agree to receive marketing news or by signing a request form to indicate your acceptance of the use and disclosure provisions indicated thereon.

Implied consent

Alternately, we may obtain your implied consent in cases where we can reasonably conclude that you have given your consent by taking an action or choosing not to take an action. This usually occurs when the reason for using your Personal Information is reasonably obvious to you.

Withdrawal of your consent

You may notify us at any time should you wish to withdraw or amend your consent regarding the use and disclosure of your Personal Information. Our response to your request will take into consideration any legal and contractual constraints related to your transactions.

Should you have chosen to be included on our mailing lists, or should you have subscribed to one of our newsletters, we will allow you the opportunity to withdraw your name from the mailing lists or to unsubscribe from our newsletters. For example, each newsletter we send you includes a link or another way that allows you to unsubscribe or to choose not to accept any other electronic newsletter.

Google Analytics

Securiglobe uses the tools of Google Analytics to obtain statistical data on the traffic generated on its website. You can get more information about the tools used and Google's privacy policy by consulting this link.

Information collected directly from you by SécuriGlobe

You will find hereunder other examples of the methods by which we directly collect Personal Information and how we use this information.

Call centres

SécuriGlobe operates call centres designed to take and process your questions, concerns and complaints. When contacting our call centres, we may ask you to provide Personal Information in order to help us process your request or to verify your identity. We may also monitor or record the phone conversation you are having with our representative for training and quality control purposes.

Information automatically collected by SécuriGlobe

In some instances, your Personal Information is automatically collected by us.

About SécuriGlobe

SécuriGlobe is one of the leading travel and health insurance distributors in Canada. We insure over 200,000 customers a year and currently employ more than 75 devoted employees. SécuriGlobe operates a network of 2,000 active partners across Canada and represents more than 13 different insurers. Our company manages and distributes many exclusive products.

Is this Privacy Policy subject to change?

Last update: november 10, 2017

Because of changes to the services we provide, technological changes and the evolution of the legal environment, this Privacy Policy may change without any prior notice. We may add, change or delete sections of the Policy as we deem necessary. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis. Each time you submit Personal Information or use our services, you accept the terms of our Privacy policy that are in force at the time. When the Privacy Policy is updated, we will change the edition date to reflect the date at which the update occurred.