Travel insurance for seniors

You have worked all your life. Now it’s time to enjoy your freedom to the fullest. You have dreamed of travelling for years, and travel options are more numerous than ever.
Whether you are dreaming of a short holiday or of a few months in paradise, we can make your life easier by offering travel insurance policies specifically designed for seniors.

Travel insurance for snowbirds

Historically, Canadian seniors have always preferred to spend the winter months in the United States, particularly in Florida, Arizona, or Texas, primarily because of proximity and their similar culture. However, this is changing, little by little. Regions such as the Caribbean, South America, Portugal, and Mexico are becoming hotspots for Canadian seniors. With their lower cost of living, we can easily understand the growing interest in these countries.

Regardless of your destination of choice, you will need to make sure you have good insurance coverage. The quality of care and the costs of hospitalization can vary greatly from one country to another. Without appropriate travel insurance, you leave yourself at risk of losing everything.

Claim example

69-year-old Female: Brain Hemorrhage Leads to Hospital Stay and Air Evacuation
Diane was nearly halfway through her 20-day vacation in Mexico when she started vomiting and suddenly collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital where CT scans revealed a massive brain hemorrhage. Diane required emergency neurosurgery with a craniotomy and drainage tubes. She spent 15 days in the hospital in a coma, before being air evacuated home to Canada.

Ambulance fees $1,022.04
Air Ambulance $41,475.00
Hospital fees$121,116.04
Doctors’ fees $17,603.00
Medical supplies $72.45
Provincial healthcare - $5,753.24
Amount paid by the insurance company$175,535.29

Multi-trip insurance for seniors

While long holidays in the sunshine remain popular, we have noticed a growing trend to choose shorter trips (fewer than 60 days) to countries a little further away, particularly among younger seniors. Often, they do not own property abroad, and prefer to travel to explore new places, renting a villa or a house during their trip.

If you would like to take multiple trips over the course of one year, multi-trip insurance is generally the best option for you. This type of insurance will let you travel when you want by saving you time and money, since you will be covered for a full year.

Traveling with pre-existing medical conditions

Do you suffer any health problems? Don’t worry. We offer a wide range of products, which will allow you to find the insurance that corresponds perfectly to your state of health, even if your problems are recent. In fact, some of our insurers require only a very short stability period for pre-existing conditions.

Examples of pre-existing conditions that can be covered include:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart conditions
  • Cancer

Will a pre-existing medical condition affect my coverage?

Depending on your age, condition and, if applicable, your answers to our health questions, pre-existing medical conditions are covered if they are stable for a certain period of time (as specified in your protection) before your policy's effective date. Whatever your condition, we will be able to find the perfect product for you.

What do I need to know about completing the health questions?

Your answers to the health questions (if applicable) will determine the proper rate for coverage of your pre-existing health conditions.
When answering the health questions:

  • Take your time.
  • If someone else completes the health questions for you, keep in mind that it is still your responsibility to make sure the answers are correct.
  • Please read each question carefully as incorrect answers can lead to the cancellation of your coverage and the denial of your claim.
  • Have your prescriptions or a description of your medication on hand for reference.
  • Please review the answers you have provided to the health questions to confirm that they are correct.
  • If you are unsure about any questions regarding your medical condition or medications, please speak to your physician.

Contact us regardless of your state of health, your age, your destination, or the type of trip you are picturing. One of our agents can recommend the best insurance policy for you at the lowest price.

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