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A protection against cancellation or interruption of your trip in case of unexpected events.
A protection against cancellation or interruption of your trip in case of unexpected events with coverage in case of loss, theft, or delay of your baggage.
A protection against accidents and sickness in Canada for 1 year with a minimum of $100,000 coverage.
A protection against accidents and sickness while traveling.
A protection against accidents and sickness in Canada
An annual protection against accidents and sickness while traveling.
The most complete protection for several trips for 1 year.
The most complete protection with medical coverage, cancellation or interruption of your trip in case of unexpected events, and baggage protection.
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Super Visa Insurance

What is a super visa?

A super visa is a visa that grants parents and grandparents the ability to visit their family living in Canada. The advantage of this visa is that it allows multiple visits over a 10-year period, and visits can last up to two years. Thus, the super visa is distinct from the multiple entry visa, which only allows visits of up to six months.

Eligibility criteria for the Super Visa Canada

To obtain this visa, you must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Be a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen.
  • Have authorization to enter Canada.
  • Prove that your child/grandchild meets a minimum income threshold.
  • Provide a financial support commitment from your child/grandchild.
  • Undergo a medical exam and forward the medical report form completed by the physician.
  • Provide proof of medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurer. This policy must be valid for at least one year.

Besides these criteria, immigration officers will assess certain aspects, such as your family and financial situations, the goal of your visit, the stability of your ties with your home country, and the invitation from your host in Canada.

Please consult the Government of Canada website for more details on the super visa.

Canadian super visa insurance requirements

To ensure that insurance policies provide sufficient coverage, the Government of Canada has established certain criteria that insurance policies must follow.

The policy must, among other things:

  • Be valid for at least 365 days.
  • Have a minimum coverage of $100,000.
  • Cover medical, hospitalization, and repatriation fees.
  • Be issued by a Canadian insurer.

  • The advantages of Canadian super visa insurance

    By choosing coverage specifically designed for the Canadian super visa, you are putting the odds in your favour to obtain the visa while benefitting from such advantages as:

    • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, depending on the visitor’s age.
    • Easy renewal if parents decide to stay for more than one year.
    • If the visa is denied, we will reimburse 100% of the premium upon receiving proof of denial.
    • If your parents remain in Canada for at least one year and no claims are made, we will refund the unused portion of the insurance.

    • Therefore, it is critical to choose the right insurance policy, because the wrong choice could cause refusal or delay of your Canadian super visa application.

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