14 July 2023

Who is Visitors to Canada Insurance for?

Article written by: Bianca Cloutier-Lamoureux

According to Statistics Canada, more than 32.4 million international travelers visited Canada in 2019. Unlike Canadian residents, visitors to Canada are not covered by the provincial health insurance plan in the event of a medical emergency. Securing a good Visitors to Canada insurance policy before leaving for Canada is an essential step in ensuring a safe and hassle-free trip. If you plan to visit soon, this article is for you!

What are the types of insurance coverage?
Visitors to Canada insurance is divided into three parts: Visitors to Canada, Super Visa and International Students insurance. For Visitors to Canada insurance, your coverage can vary between $10,000 and $300,000 with or without deductible, for the duration of your policy. In contrast, insurance for Super Visa requires a minimum coverage of $100,000. International Student insurance provides a 2M$ coverage and covers emergency and routine medical care.

This type of insurance is for:

  • Visitors planning to stay in Canada for leisure;
  • Foreign workers;
  • Newcomers who do not yet have access to provincial health insurance;
  • International Students;
  • Expatriate Canadians visiting their families;
  • Family of Canadian citizens visiting for a long period.


Super Visa
Super Visa insurance is a type of insurance offered to parents and grandparents wishing to visit their families. The Super Visa is distinguished by the possibility of multiple entries up to 10 years.

To be eligible for obtaining the Super Visa insurance, the government requires applicants must:

  • Hold proof of private medical insurance offered by a Canadian insurance company;

This medical insurance must:

  • Be for a minimum of one year;
  • Provide emergency medical coverage of at least $100,000;
  • Cover the costs of health care, hospitalization and repatriation;
  • Be paid in full or in installments before the policy comes into effect.


International students
You want to study inside Canada and you need medical insurance? This insurance specifically designed for international students can cover emergency medical care, dental care, maternity expenses, reimbursement of prescription drugs, an eye exam, a health check, etc. This type of insurance can be compared to group insurance coverage.

Insurance for Visitors to Canada is an essential element when preparing for your trip. Not only does it save you from unforeseen costs in the event of a medical emergency, but it gives you peace of mind for you to enjoy while in Canada.

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When should I purchase it?

We strongly recommend that you purchase coverage before departure. Although some of our insurers will cover you if you are already on your trip, they may exclude any pre-existing medical conditions, limit the amount payable on your policy or impose a large deductible.