7 tips on travel insurance

1-You must declare any and all Pre-Existing Conditions

When purchasing travel insurance, it is important to mention all of your pre-existing conditions to your travel insurance specialist, even minor conditions such as bronchitis. By doing this, your travel insurance specialist will have all the necessary information to provide you with the coverage that best suits your needs and personal situation.

2-If you are unsure on how to answer a medical questionnaire, consult your physician

If you are not sure how to interpret a question that is asked during the application process, consult your physician to guarantee the exactitude of your answers. This will provide you peace of mind if ever a claim arises.

3-Purchase your travel insurance early

By purchasing your travel insurance early, not only could you save by avoiding rate increases that accompany popular departure times (winter season) but insurers sometimes offer Early Bird discounts. However, if your purchase your insurance early in the season and you experience a change to your state of health or medications, it is imperative to contact your travel insurance specialist to advise them of any change. These changes can affect your eligibility and coverage of your plan.

4-Know exactly what you are covered for

Many travellers make the mistake of assuming that they are covered in all situations because they have coverage through their credit card provider. Always read and understand your travel insurance policy to assure you have sufficient coverage and to avoid unpleasant surprises during a trip.

5-High-Risk Activities

If you are a thrill seeker and expect to partake in activities that could be considered high risk, the majority of travel insurance policies exclude injuries sustained while participating in such activities. Advise your travel insurance specialist of the activities your will partake in during a trip so that they may shop the market to provide you with an appropriate policy.

6-Ask about deductibles

One reason travellers decide not to insure themselves during a trip is the price of insurance, especially for snowbirds. Similar to home and auto insurance, you may add a deductible to your premium to lower your rate. Deductibles normally range from 250$ – 10,000$ and can provide substantial savings.

7-Advantage of dealing with a broker

A broker is a one-stop shop when it comes to insurance. Instead of contacting multiple insurers to see who offers the best rates, a broker normally represents multiple insurance companies and does that work for you, free of charge.

The Securiglobe Advantage

Securiglobe is one of the largest travel insurance providers in Canada. They are partnered with 14 different insurance carriers giving them access to the best rates for almost any situation. Compared to other brokers who offer multiple lines of insurance, Securiglobe specializes mainly in travel insurance products and their agents are licensed, certified insurance specialists throughout Canada.

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