9 things to know on health Insurance

1- Avoid unexpected medical expenses

Taking private health insurance can help reduce your out of pocket medical expenses such as dental work, prescription medication, vision care and even professional therapists not fully covered by either your group plan or your provincial health care system.

2- Purchase health insurance before it’s too late

Do not wait to see your health professional before purchasing your health insurance as it might be too late to do so. Though health insurance is made to help you cover health costs, most insurers won’t cover your current medications. Taking out insurance for the unforeseeable future is the best way to ensure you and your family are protected against unexpected health costs.

3- Planning your retirement? Contact your broker

Most group plans terminate your coverage once you’ve retired. Contacting your insurance broker ensures you’re properly informed on conversion plans, what they cover and when to apply for them. Insurance agents are trained and qualified to provide you with the plan that fits your needs and budget allowing you to rest easy knowing your health coverage is in good hands and uninterrupted.

4- Are you self employed?

Since you are not covered by a group insurance plan, private health insurance is a must-have. Take advantage that you are able to deduct your health insurance costs on your taxes to save even more and avoid unforeseen expenses by purchasing this type of plan.

5- Private health insurance for small businesses

Some insurance products allow the employer to cover the costs of insurance for their employees. Since these plans cover employees on an individual basis, they offer greater flexibility on the scope of the coverage than conventional collective plans. You will only pay accordingly with the needs of your employees.

6- Combining your private health insurance with travel coverage

Unfortunately, your provincial health insurance plan does not cover you for any out of province expenses such as ambulance fees and repatriation.  One of the advantages of purchasing a private health insurance is that you get a travel insurance at the same time. These plans will allow you to travel freely outside of your home province whenever and wherever you want. Basic services such doctors, treatments, and newly prescribed medications can be covered.

7- More than just health coverage

In addition to being covered for unexpected health care costs, a health insurance plan entitles you to a multitude of benefits such as legal aid, member discounts for medical equipment and supplies, hospitalization and services and postnatal supports.

8- No waiting period and no deductibles

You don’t have to wait for months before beginning to use your coverage. Once you’re accepted, you can use your services right away. Though some major services may require a 3-year waiting period, you can use your basic services immediately after being accepted. Most plans will include no deductible allowing you to use your services without spending more than you need to.

9- Complete the benefits of your existing group insurance

Would you like a more comprehensive group insurance or one that offers a smaller deductible? Private health insurance could be that extra coverage you are looking for. In addition to being able to claim your group plan premium as a medical expense, you can also claim the costs not covered by it. You could also choose a plan that offers benefits such as eyeglasses or other medical expenses that your collective plan does not offer.


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