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February 9th 2024
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Our popular products

Snowbirds Travel Insurance

Have you long dreamed of migrating to a sunny destination for the winter? We have the products designed for you!

Emergency medical travel insurance

Travel insurance for emergency medical care is essential during your stay abroad.

Travel insurance for visitors to Canada

Are you or someone you know planning to stay in Canada? Visitor-to-Canada travel insurance is the product for you.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a personalized insurance product that provides financial coverage in the event of a medical emergency or other damage while traveling outside your province of residence or elsewhere in the world. In most cases, we mistakenly think that our health insurance, our credit card coverage, or our retirement plan covers us outside of Canada. Unfortunately, these do not protect us enough, if at all.

Why insure with us?

We are one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada. By comparing a variety of insurers, our clients always win! With the purchase of a travel insurance policy through Securiglobe, we assure you peace of mind knowing that if you had an urgent health problem or an accident during your stay, your medical fees will be covered.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I get my insurance?

We strongly suggest purchasing coverage before departure. Even if some of our insurers agree to cover a trip that has already started, they could exclude any pre-existing medical conditions, limit the amounts payable under your policy or impose a high deductible or co-insurance.


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