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Health insurance with prescription drugs

Prescription Drugs insurance Price

We are all aware that prescription drug costs are high. Even though the provincial health plan covers part of the expenses, the remaining portion can represent an important sum of money. As well as having a monthly or yearly deductible, provincial health insurance plans only cover a small percentage of the prescription drug cost.

What is health insurance with prescription drugs for?

Health insurance with medication helps pay - in part or in total - medication costs which are not covered by provincial health insurance programs. Fees such as the monthly deductible or co-insurance charged by provincial health insurance programs can be claimed.

What is covered and not by health insurance with drugs?

Like any insurance, certain criteria must be respected to be eligible for reimbursement.

The main eligibility criteria are the following:

  • Be covered by a provincial health insurance with prescription drugs
  • The drug must be prescribed by a physician
  • The drug must not appear on the excluded drug list

The reimbursement percentage will vary depending on the chosen policy. The percentage usually ranges between 70 and 100 %, until you reach the yearly maximum.

Attention: As this insurance is an add-on to a basic health insurance plan, it is impossible to get stand-alone drug insurance. By purchasing a health insurance with prescription drugs, you will also benefit from the advantages of having basic health insurance coverage.

How much does a health insurance with prescription drugs cost?

As for every other health insurance plan, the cost for a health insurance with drugs will be based on your age, and the number of persons to be insured.

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These plans are for Canadian citizens who are covered by a provincial health coverage and who want supplementary health coverage in Canada.

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