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With a wide variety of travel insurance products, you can customize the type of coverage you need for your peace of mind.

Snowbirds Travel Insurance

Have you long dreamed of migrating to a sunny destination for the winter? We have the products designed for you!

Emergency medical travel insurance

Travel insurance for emergency medical care is essential during your stay abroad.

Travel insurance for visitors to Canada

Are you or someone you know planning to stay in Canada? Visitor-to-Canada travel insurance is the product for you.

All-inclusive travel insurance

Thanks to this insurance which includes the 3 types of coverage, you can travel in peace knowing that you are well protected.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

Travel Cancellation Insurance provides coverage at the time of purchase of your policy up to the day you leave on your trip.

Multi-trip annual policy

Do you travel several times a year? Multi-trip annual travel insurance is designed with you in mind.

International student travel insurance

International student travel insurance is available to foreign students that are studying in Canada.

Super visa insurance

A super visa is a visa that grants parents and grandparents the ability to visit their family living in Canada.

Travel insurance for sports

Many travelers take the opportunity for adventure and participate in sports when travelling.

Travel insurance for Canadian students traveling abroad

Do you intend to continue your studies in another country? We have the perfect product for you or for a member of your family.

Travel insurance for truck drivers

Truck drivers probably travel more than anyone else. You’ve learned every secret of the open road, and you love your job, because every day is a new adventure.

Group travel insurance

When planning a group trip, there are several things to take into consideration.

Don’t fall for the statistics of those who neglect to purchase a travel insurance plan and end up with high medical and non-medical costs that could ruin you financially.

Why insure with us?

We are one of the largest travel insurance brokers in Canada. By comparing a variety of insurers, our clients always win!

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